Lighting is the Emotion of Architecture



Lumenworks Lighting Design, an International Award-Winning Lighting Design Firm, has elevated lighting design with unparalleled expertise, innovation, and ingenuity for over three decades.


Lumenworks specializes in creating sophisticated and innovative solutions that solve complex architectural and environmental demands, maximizing cost-savings without compromising the design integrity or aesthetics and implementing the most advanced sustainable lighting technologies.


 Lumenworks Lighting Design enhances the architecture and landscape creating an emotional connection between people and their environment. 




Lumenworks provides the highest level of sustainable energy efficient lighting solutions including ASHRAE / IESNA 90.1, the US Green Building Council LEED Rating System and the California Energy Commissions Title 24. Lumenworks Lighting Solution ensures full coordination to fulfill the design intent of each member of the design team to avoid any conflicts in the design process or post installation.


Lumenworks advanced value engineering process provides the client with “unit cost” pricing and total transparency of the entire lighting materials package to ensure maximum cost-savings and avoid product ordering delays. Follow-up on all RFI requests and Construction Administration throughout the completion of each project. Lumenworks expertise in product development and the procurement of custom lighting fixture designs has been an integral component of how Lumenworks captures the client’s design intent. This has been a cost savings technique employed since the inception of the company.




Lumenworks Lighting Design Inc. is an Oakland Certified Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE). Our Internationally Diversified Team strives to provide its Award-Winning talents to all Oakland projects.