Hyatt Regency located at the Embarcadero waterfront, is a historical hotel and has the world’s largest grand lobby. In 2016 the hotel was rotovating the lobby and lighting since the space was so dark and dreary. The grand lobby was being remodeled to make it more appealing to their guests and visitors. Since the remodel and the lighting upgrade, it now allows people to have a casual conversation or a business meeting in a vibrant and modern space. With the limited sunlight available, general illumination plays a key role in providing sufficient and comfortable lighting. Lumenworks scope for our lighting design was to make this space inviting and revolve it into a place/focal point that guests and visitors would come regularly for social gatherings, business and causal meetings.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Scope: Lighting and control design for the Atrium, Lobby, general lighting, dedicated Events Lighting and 30 foot Sculpture with RGB Kinetic Lighting. In addition the hotel with the new lighting would have a huge cost savings for updating the lighting besides making the lobby and event rooms more attractive for guests, events and meetings.
Interior Designer: Looney & Associates