Location: Concord, Fresno, San Ramon & San Francisco, CA
Scope: PG&E’s Electric Distribution Control Center Consolidation (DCCC) represents the relocation of 13 existing electric operations centers into three critical control room facilities that will each monitor and control one-third of the power distribution within PG&E’s northern California service area. Lumenworks designed the lighting & controls for the two new ground up facilities in Concord and Fresno. Size: New 37,000 SF Facility (Concord) and New 27,000 SF Facility (Fresno) Video Walls and Control Room Consoles. San Ramon Facility San Francisco Corporate Boardroom designed the Video Conferencing; Golden Gate Executive Conference Room reset controls scene for video conferencing to improve facial recognition of participants, after changing lamps to LEDs and focusing of LEDs
Architect: DGA