• Single-Family Detached
  • Map of the enire area for project ZZ
  • Pool with Condos in background
  • Internal review of Condos ZZ
  • Mulit-Family & Pool ZZ
  • Up close of Multi-Family ZZ
  • Fitness Room ZZ
  • Community Room again
  • Community Rm
Multi-Family & Mixed Use

The new development for the Stanford Faculty Terrace Housing is on 17 acres of residential housing. The project consisted of Single Family Housing, Low Rise and High Rise Multi-Family (Condominiums) with parks, Lap Pool with spa, Outdoor BBQ, Community Building with Dining Room, Central Open Park, Community Fitness Facility, and Tot Lot.

Location: Stanford, CA
Scope: Lighting and controls design for interior, exterior, landscape and street site lighting for Faculty Housing—Low Rise and High Rise Multi-Family Housing, Single Family Homes, including Community Center, Plazas, Walkways, Streets, Parks and Amenities.
Savings: Lumenworks provided Stanford University a “Cost Savings” of $378,000 below Stanford’s Budget on this recently completed Stanford California Ave Faculty Housing Development project.
Architect: BAR Architects
Landscape Architect: Guzzardo